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The Woman's Role in Child Education
The Important Role of Mothers in Child Education
3- A Mother's Role in Early Childhood
Educational Suggestions for Mothers
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A mother has a significant, basic role in education.

This is evident in the following points:

1- The Family Influence in Education

The family is the first tier in the process of social upbringing. It is the family that instills in the child the standards by which he judges everything that he later receives from all social institutions. When he goes to school, his attitude towards his teacher is formed on the basis of the education he has received at home. His selection of friends at school is also based on the way he was raised by his family. He evaluates everything he hears and sees and every situation he finds himself in or he witnesses through what his family has instilled in him. That is the role of the family in education, a very important and serious role.

2- The Child Is Influenced by His Mother's Condition at Pregnancy

The mother dominates a stage of the child's life all by herself, with nobody else sharing her role, and this stage, the pregnancy, has an influence on education which some people might not be aware of. An embryo in its mother's womb is influenced by several things.

One of these things is nourishment. The type of food an embryo receives from its mother affects it in various ways. It is also influenced by any illness or indisposition of the mother during pregnancy. If a mother takes drugs while she is pregnant, the embryo is affected, and if the mother is an addict, he might become an addict later in his life. The same thing is true of smoking, and this is why in Western societies, a smoking woman is advised to quit or cut down on smoking during pregnancy, to spare the embryo the effect of nicotine. Other things that have an effect on the embryo are medications, which is the reason why a doctor asks a woman whether she is pregnant or not when he wants to prescribe a medicine for her.

Another influence, which the two parents may not realize, is the emotional condition of the mother. A baby might scream a lot in early childhood, or he might easily get scared, and in both cases, this may be due to the impact of his mother's emotional condition during pregnancy. When the mother gets too emotional, the hormones which she produces and which the child receives are affected. If such an emotional state goes on for a long time, the effect extends to the embryo's psychological, emotional, and physical constitution. That is why a husband should do his best to make the atmosphere favorable at home, and a mother should do her best to avoid anything that would excite her.

The attitude of the mother towards her pregnancy and her embryo is another important factor. When she is happy and cheerful at being pregnant, her mood will certainly have an effect on the embryo, the same way as when she is unhappy about her pregnancy. This is why Allah, the Most Glorious and Sublime, directs people to correct their attitudes towards male and female children. He says:

To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills (and plans). He bestows (children) male or female according to His Will (and Plan); Or He bestows both males and females, and He leaves barren whom He will: for He is full of Knowledge and Power. (Surah 42: 49-50).

He, the Most Glorious and Sublime, has His Will and His Judgment, and what He chooses has always a justification and a rationale. So a wife and her husband should always feel satisfied with what Allah gives them and should know that it is for their own good. They should be content whether a boy or a girl is born to them. If a woman loses this feeling of satisfaction, as when medical examination shows the sex of the embryo in her womb and it turns out to be the opposite of what she wises for, her attitude and feeling will certainly affect the embryo. This is of course not a medical clinic and I am not giving medical advice to a pregnant mother and telling her about consequences of her attitude. What I aim at is to make the point that the role of a woman starts during pregnancy, and that at that stage, she is the only influence on the child.


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